IEP Accommodations:
Evaluating a Real IEP

This week’s podcast episode is long overdue!  This is an analysis of a real IEP accommodations page sent to me by a parent concerned about their child’s IEP and wanting some free feedback.

I love parents who care and who ask great questions to understand how to help their kiddo.

In this episode, I take a look at this IEP for the first time and give feedback on what I’m seeing and noticing and what I would write differently, if anything.

Did you know??
If you want free support on an IEP,
email me ( and tell me, “free help, please!” Attach any IEP documents you want me to look at.  I’ll take a look, remove any identifying information, and provide some feedback on a future podcast episode, sending you the episode before it’s published!

Or- Do you want more intensive help and guidance?  Someone to hold your hand and guide you through more than a year of IEP process and ongoing monitoring and support?  Email me ( and say, “I want ALL the help!” and we’ll set up your 1:1 support.