Maximize Life- No Degree Required! with Jen Doidge

“When I grow up, I want to be Jen Doidge.”- something I’ve said multiple times in my life.

Today’s podcast episode is super special to me.  I have a good friend who exudes positivity and adventure and friendliness.  

She’s someone I want everyone to know.  She’s not an education expert.  She’s not a parenting expert.  

She’s simply an amazing human that I want to share with even more of the world.

I finally got her on a call and couldn’t wait to release this episode!

In this episode, you’ll hear about all of the amazing and adventurous professions she has held that do not require a college degree and have given her an amazingly successful and joy-filled life!

You’ll also hear about her life motto that has served her very well over the years. 

Enjoy this beautifully inspiring conversation!

Jen Doidge and I canyoneering together last Friday!