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Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is the founder of the Arrowsmith Program, an assessment process and suite of cognitive exercises designed to stimulate and strengthen areas of cognitive functioning that underlie a range of learning difficulties.


Her work is recognized as one of the first examples of the practical application of neuroplasticity to address learning difficulties and its application has expanded to address those dealing with traumatic brain injury, addiction, cognitive decline with aging and those who want to enhance performance. She is the recipient of the Leaders and Legends Innovation Award from the University of Toronto for her contribution to education.


Barbara’s vision is to transform lives worldwide through the application of the principles of neuroplasticity.
On your podcast, Barbara would be happy to discuss a wide range of topics such as:

  • How our Brain Shapes Our Behaviour
  • The Power of Neuroplasticity in Shaping Our Brain
  • Common Learning Difficulties and the Brain
  • Cognitive Enhancement in the Classroom
  • Looking at Behaviour Through a Cognitive Lens
  • Knowing Your Cognitive Profile
  • Putting the Brain in Education
  • Neuroplasticity and Mental Health